Speech & Language Services

Speech & Language Center of Northern Virginia


School Based Services

Dolley Madison Preschool was established in 1976 as part of the Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia. It is an inclusive preschool that currently serves both typically developing children and children with speech and language delays. Click here for more information on our admission process.
Each class has 12 to 18 children with two to three slots reserved for children with speech and language delays.  An additional fee is added to the tuition for these children. This tuition covers weekly therapy sessions, evaluations if needed, bi-annual reports, parent meetings, team meetings with the teaching staff, and case management.
The therapy service delivery model for the preschool program is a combination of pull-out therapy, classroom-based therapy, and collaboration consultation services. The service delivery model is dependent on the needs and progress of each child enrolled in the program. Click here for a scholarship application. For more information contact info@slcnv.org.