Speech & Language Services

Speech & Language Center of Northern Virginia



For individual speech/language outpatient therapy:

30 minute session - $55

45 minute session - $82.50

60 minute session - $110

Consultation/Conference Time ---$110/hour

On-Site Screenings:

* FREE for children attending DMPS

* Screenings for children ages
1 - 8 years will be charged hourly at the consultation rate

Evaluations:  This fee covers the assessment, a written report and a follow-up meeting. Often several sessions are scheduled over several days depending on the type of assessment and age of the client.

Complete Speech/Language
--- $400.00

Speech/Articulation Only --- $200.00

Applications for scholarships are available -
click here to download an application.
Insurance: The Speech and Language Center of Northern Virginia does not participate with any insurance companies. However, families are provided the necessary documentation if they decide to pursue insurance reimbursement.

An itemized bill of the services provided is presented at the beginning of the following month and payment is due within two weeks of the invoice date. The client is ultimately responsible for all payments due to the speech and language center.

Cancellation Policy:
If a family needs to cancel a session please contact the center 24 hours prior to the appointment. Uncancelled sessions are charged at the regular rate.